• Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park
      On any given day you can find people fishing from the walkways of the Waterfront Park, or children playing ball on the grassy lawn as boats float down the Intracoastal Waterway, or people sitting in a swing as the world slows down. Sometimes, festive tents adorn the park like a medieval fair – parts of the park, can be rented for parties, receptions and weddings! It's also home to the annual summertime Water Festival.

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    • City Departments & Services
      Efficiency and high expectations for customer service help departments within the City of Beaufort respond to a variety of responsibilities. From firefighters battling house fires to removing cats (and dogs) from trees, from community-based police to highly qualified staff planners and administrators, the City of Beaufort is proud of its employees and departments.

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    • The City of Beaufort Civic Master Plan Process
      Beaufort leaders call it "City-Building" – and since 2010, hundreds of area residents have shared their voices to shape Beaufort's fourth century. That means better roads and better sidewalks, new walking trails and bike paths, improved signage and form-based zoning.

      It means encouraging entrepreneurs and adaptive re-use of older buildings. It means creating a new Beaufort Micropolitan... Learn more here.