Beaufort Code & Zoning Map

The Beaufort Code

The City of Beaufort adopted the Beaufort Development Code on June 27, 2017. It has been amended. The current code is now accessible online via Municode.

Please contact the Community Development Department at 843-525-7011 with any questions. 

Zoning Map

Map shows all of Beaufort's zones.

This map is accurate as of August 2, 2018, and is updated as needed. An interactive version of this map is also available via Beaufort County GIS by clicking here.   

To see the City of Beaufort zoning designations, click on the Map Layers button in the top left corner, and scroll down to the bottom of that pop-up window. Click the check box next to "City of Beaufort" Data. To turn on the overlay district layers and see the map key, click the plus sign to the left of the title and it will expand the menu to show all the layer options