Police Movie Club

We are celebrating our 45th year!

Organization & Implementation

The Police Movie Club was organized and implemented the summer of 1974. It is a summer program sponsored by the Beaufort Police Department.

Each program begins with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance to the flag. A movie then follows. Volunteer mentors come and talk with the kids on issues that affect our kids.


The Beaufort Police Department is very happy for the support that has been provided to the Police Movie Club in the past. 2019 will be our 45th year of operation. Over 200 children will again enroll in the program.

Open Program

Our program is open to all children, between the ages of 5 and 12, and is free of charge. Children of military families stationed in the area have always participated in the Movie Club.

Safety Information

Safety information will be provided each Saturday morning of the program. Professionals from the field will present lectures on water safety, fire prevention, bicycle safety, to help them to say no to drugs, alcohol, and violence.


The Police Movie Club is a part of the lives of area children. All donations are used for direct operation of the Police Movie Club. The Police Movie Club accepts any amount donated.