Dominion Energy/Tree Pruning

Tree pruning utilityDominion Energy trims trees in the City of Beaufort on a five-year rotation. The current rotation began late in 2020 and is extending into the first several months of 2021. The City has named Neal Pugliese project manager to coordinate with Dominion as this rotation is completed. The City has also contracted with arborist Michael Murphy of Tree Preservation LLC to consult with Dominion's arborist as during this rotation.

Press releases

FAQ from Dominion on tree-pruning process
City meets with Dominion to address concerns
City names project manager to partner with Dominion

Project updates

Tree pruning update week of Jan. 18
Pruning update week of Jan. 25
Pruning update week of Feb. 1
Pruning update week of Feb. 8
Pruning update week of Feb. 15
Update through Feb. 26
Update through March 5
Update through March 12
Update through March 26

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