Southside Park Task Force

SSP oaksThe Southside Park Task Force was convened in February 2021 with the purpose of providing input and advice to Beaufort City Council about potential improvements to Southside Park. It is a temporary Task Force, and has approximately 90 days to conduct research, seek public input, and provide a report to City Council before the start of the fiscal year on July 1, 2021. Councilman Neil Lipsitz is liaison between Council and the Task Force.

The members were selected by City Council and include:

  • Brantley Wilson (chair)
  • Jessica Chemsak (vice chair)
  • RJ Ball 
  • Alice Howard
  • Neil Irvin
  • Brenda Litchfield
  • Kristen Marshall Mattson
  • Elizabeth O’Brien
  • Tamara Volk-Pace
  • Bryan Thierry (secretary)

  • SSP open field