Comp Plan Background


Beaufort's proposed 2021 Comprehensive Plan builds on these previous works:

Vision Beaufort 2009 Comprehensive Plan

The Vision Beaufort 2009 Comprehensive Plan was the first such plan to focus on infill development. It also highlighted implementation strategies to ensure recommendations had a clear path to being accomplished. See 2009 Comp Plan here.

Land Use Framework Plan

The Framework Plans, produced as part of the Vision Beaufort plan, provides a more fine-grained approach to land-use policy recommendations. The plan is structured to suggest patterns of growth that are constructed in a manner consistent with our existing, historic fabric with a well-connected street network, diverse housing, access to nature, mixed-use activity centers, and a highly walkable urban block structure.

Civic Master Plan

That document was supplemented by the 2014 Civic Master Plan which took a closer look at specific projects and strategies at a lot, block, neighborhood, and city-wide scale. Both documents ensure that land development fulfills the following goals:

  • Beautiful, stable neighborhoods
  • A sustainable economic base
  • Convenient access to services and destinations
  • Attractive community gateways and corridors
  • A fair, consistent, and accountable development process
  • Preserving natural resources, while balancing protection with public access
  • Balancing preservation of our historic heritage and compatible redevelopment

See Civic Master Plan here.