What local agency leads during hurricane season?

The Beaufort County Storm Center is managed by the Beaufort County sheriff, and is the lead emergency management agency for all of Beaufort County. It has a direct link to the South Carolina Emergency Management Division, and during emergencies that office coordinates all response activities countywide through the Beaufort County Emergency Operations Center. The County Emergency Operations Center is staffed by critical support functions and representatives from all municipalities and military bases in the county as well as representatives from the Beaufort County School District. 

Following the governor’s lifting of an evacuation order, a policy group made up of senior representatives in the Emergency Operations Center provide input to the Beaufort County emergency manager regarding re-entry procedures.  

The City of Beaufort follows the directives of Beaufort County Emergency Management during a hurricane or critical incident. The City of Beaufort  activates its own Emergency Operations Center, within the Fire Department, and its representatives are available to assist you with information during such an event.  

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