How does Beaufort decide on annual raises?

The salary structure is an administrative tool for making fair and consistent basic salary decisions. As such, the City implemented a merit-based performance management system several years ago to ensure that the basis of compensation is fair, that employees know what is expected of them, and that annual salary increases are based on performance. 

Merit pay is used to reward successful performance. When budgeted, merit increases will be awarded to employees who consistently exceed performance standards as reflected on their annual evaluation. In addition, due to the unprecedented inflationary rates affecting our community, the fiscal year 2024 recommended budget includes a 5% cost of living adjustment (COLA) for all employees, except for the city manager. The city manager’s salary is set by his employment agreement and may be adjusted by City Council, usually in conjunction with the city manager’s annual review.

The ability to provide pay increases may vary from year to year depending on the economy, budget constraints, and other priorities set forth by Council.     

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