l Allison Road Streetscape - City of Beaufort, South Carolina

Allison Road Streetscape

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The Allison Road Pedestrian Connector is a pedestrian, bicycle, and streetscape project. The project will connect Ribaut Road and the Beaufort Memorial Hospital Campus, with the Spanish Moss (Rail) Trail, and the residential neighborhoods to the south and west of the Hospital.

Allison Road is the critical link between Ribaut Road, the BMH Campus, and the Spanish Moss Trail and residential neighborhoods along Battery Creek Road. In its current condition, Allison Road poses a hazard to pedestrian and bicycle movement. Allison Road has no sidewalks or bicycle facilities. A relatively deep open drainage ditch on the south side of the street serves as stormwater system—posing a physical hazard for pedestrians. Overhead utilities mar the streetscape. The Allison Road Pedestrian Connector project will provide a safe, convenient, and attractive transportation connection for pedestrians and bicyclists between the Spanish Moss Trail and Ribaut Road. Due to its importance to the City’s transportation, recreation, and economic development goals, the Allison Road Pedestrian Connector is the City’s priority community development project.

The Allison Road Pedestrian Connector involves the installation of a 10’ concrete multipurpose path on the north side of Allison Road. This path will connect pedestrians and bicyclists on Battery Creek Road and the Spanish Moss Trail, with Ribaut Road, the BMH campus, and the Technical College of the Lowcountry. A 5’ sidewalk will be installed on the south side of Allison Road to facilitate pedestrian movement between the Trail and Battery Creek Road. The multipurpose path and the sidewalk will be buffered from the travel lanes by irrigated planting strips containing sod and appropriate urban street trees. ADA-compliant crosswalks will be placed at all intersections.