l Boundary Street Redevelopment District - City of Beaufort, South Carolina

Boundary Street Redevelopment District

Located in the City of Beaufort (South Carolina), the Boundary Street Redevelopment District is defined as the area bound by Ribaut Road to the east and Robert Smalls Parkway (SC 170) to the west.  The District is bordered on the north by the marshes of Albergotti Creek and on the south by Battery Creek.  Boundary Street is the primary entrance to the City of Beaufort and the City's National Landmark Historic District.  Beaufort Plaza shopping center frames the west end.

The Boundary Street Redevelopment District serves as an essential element in the regional road network, yet the exisitng design and physical form characterizes the roadway as a suburban arterial as well as a poor demonstration of Beaufort's overall character and charm. 

Over the past five years, the City of Beaufort and Beaufort County have developed a comprehensive implementation strategy for the future of this important corridor in order to address its physical form, redevelopment potential, and ability to accommodate all modes of transportation.  

The City of Beaufort and Beaufort County seek to transform Boundary Street from a strip commercial corridor into a complete, compact, and connected, mixed - use district that supports a more walkable, livable, and sustainable community with miltimodal forms of tranportation.  Strategic infrastructure improvements of the Boundary Street Redevelopment District include complete streets, the retrofit of suburbia, improved mobility options, and enhanced connectivity. 

For more information, please download the Boundary Street Redevelopment District Media Kit here