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Business License

Business License can now be filed and paid online, in addition to paying by mail or in person. 

You can use either MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, American Express or eCheck for payment.  Please note there is convenience fee involved if you choose to pay online. This fee is set and retained by the payment processing vendors enabling the transaction.  The City of Beaufort receives no portion of the convenience fee.

Online payment information may not be available at certain times due to additional system maintenance activities.  If your transaction has a due date associated with it, it is your responsibility to ensure that your payment is made by the due date.  Delays caused by unavailability of any online service do not warrant the reversal of late fees. 

To make your payment you will be directed to Official Payments Corporation. The City of Beaufort takes no responsibility for and exercises no control over non-City sites, the view that may be represented, accuracy, privacy policies, copyright, trademark compliance, or the legality of any material contained on those sites.



Access Step by Step Directions for Portal Registration (PDF) for the payment process

Access Step by Step Directions for Annual Business License Filing/Payment (PDF)  for the payment process


To view the frequently asked questions, click here.


Representation of Authority to View Taxpayer Information and Waivers of Confidentiality:

By accessing this online service, the user represents that he/she is the taxpayer or is properly authorized by the taxpayer to view the past and present confidential business income and business license tax information of the taxpayer.  The user, as the taxpayer or as the authorized agent for the taxpayer, also agrees to fully waive any and all confidentiality rights or protections provided to the taxpayer, including those under S.C. Code § 6-1-120 and Beaufort County City Code § 7-1018, in connection with the viewing or use of all information, further agrees to hold harmless the City of Beaufort and its agents for allowing access to all information.

I understand this Notice and represent that I am authorized to view such information and to waive (and do hereby waive) any and all confidentiality rights or protections offered to the taxpayer under the law and as described above.


If you agree to these terms please click accept to continue with payment process.


Convenience Fees:

Official Payments will charge a convenience fee for all payments when a credit card  or eCheck is used online.  All online users will pay Official Payments a service fee of 2.75% of the payment amount for each payments transaction, with a minimum service fee of $1.95 per payment transaction when credit cards are used and 1.65% of the payment amount, with a minimum service fee of $1.95 per payment transaction when debit cards are used as well as a minimum service fee of $1.00 for each eCheck transaction.


The information contained on this site is provided by the City of Beaufort Finance Department to assist in research of tax information an to accommodate online payments.  The City of Beaufort makes every effort to publish the most accurate information possible, but accuracy is not guaranteed.  The information contained herein does not replace information that may be obtained by consulting with the Finance Department.  In no event shall City of Beaufort, SC or the consultants of the City of Beaufort, SC be liable for any damages, direct or consequential, from the use of the information contained on this site.