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Civic Master Plan

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The Civic Master Plan was adopted by City Council on February 11, 2014.

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From its founding in 1711, Beaufort, South Carolina has been built upon bold ideas and bright vision.  It is called City Building.



The Four Pillars of Beaufort’s City Building Program

  1. To Serve its citizens and businesses with a low cost of living, reasonable taxes and exceptional public services
  2. To Energize Beaufort’s local economy through the attraction of quality jobs and new investment and through the development or redevelopment of housing for all generations of Beaufortonians
  3. To Connect our neighborhoods with streets, sidewalks and trails and access to beautiful parks and dynamic shopping areas
  4. To Celebrate our amazing natural environment and our 300+ year history, and to preserve those amenities for generations to come.
 Serve – Energize – Connect – Celebrate

These are our core principles -- principles upon which we will build a future so Beaufort may celebrate its 400th anniversary with healthy, connected neighborhoods, dynamic commercial districts, a thriving economy and a lasting legacy of preserving our most important assets – our history and our environment.

Bold ideas, coupled with determined vision, create long-lasting value to Beaufort and beyond.

The Beaufort Civic Master Plan describes a future for Beaufort that:
  1. Celebrates the waterfront and how the city connects to the Beaufort River and environment
  2. Is mixed use and walkable in character
  3. Enables people to live locally and accomplish their daily needs within walking or biking distance
  4. Positions the community for an era beyond our current pattern of dependence on the personal automobile
  5. Provides attractive parks and greenways on a local and regional scale
  6. Envisions regional connections that will strengthen and invigorate Beaufort's economy and cultural institutions
  7. Engages a wide variety of people and lifestyles across a broad socio-economic spectrum
  8. Preserves Beaufort's historical legacy without compromising opportunities for new development.

This Civic Master Plan is the result of extensive efforts, including an intensive public input process. It establishes principles and standards for all public and private development and provides a guide for identifying and promoting investment within the City. 

The plan presents proposals graphically to provide residents and businesses a clear picture of development options, and to serve as a tool to stimulate a range of development and/or redevelopment opportunities throughout Beaufort. Additionally, the plan illustrates proposals that seek good financial returns for property owners in contemporary market conditions, while establishing design standards and qualities that are compatible with those found in the older, historic parts of the community. In this way, a distinct regional image and character is (re)established over time, in a way that sets Beaufort apart from other communities, and attracts residents and companies seeking a more distinctive place to live and work.

The plan is a compilation of grand visions, down-to-earth practical steps, and enabling tools, all coherently presented within one document. Like many community plans, this plan is expected to generate discussion points, establish budget priorities, and create implementation objectives for the city over the next generation. In fact, the comprehensive nature of this effort, along with the timing of its occurrence at Beaufort’s 300-year anniversary, marks a milestone for the city. The Civic Master Plan lays the groundwork for a prosperous and resilient city for another 300 years to come.


Latest Public Comments now available 

Monday, May 6, 2013 3:58:00 PM

A full compliation of public comments from all of the April Civic Master Plan workshops can be found here. Thanks to the nearly 175 people who participated in at least one of our 6 public workshops and presentations for the City’s Civic Master Plan. We received valuable feedback and guidance and will be updating and revising the plan accordingly.

Draft Now Available 

plus April Presentation Schedule
Thursday, April 4, 2013 1:09:00 PM

A draft of the Civic Master Plan is now available. Just click on "Document Download" from the Civic Master Plan page to view it in parts or in its entirety. Also, a full schedule of presentations is available on the website as well.