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Download the MPC Final Recommendations Code Draft - April 25, 2017 Code Draft

  • View a list of MPC Recommended CHANGES that were incorporated into the April 25, 2017 Code Draft
    • The changes between the April 24 Draft and April 25 Draft are as follows (these are also documented in the lists of changes above):
      • 1.3.3.B.1 - The City Attorney recommended the addition of the second sentence of this paragraph; this was done after the formal MPC recommendation, but was incorporated into the code. It is highlighted in blue for clarity.
      • 2.7.4 - MCAS attorney requested that AICUZ language be clarified to match current UDO particularly regarding residential development in noise zones
      • 2.7.5 - The MPC had previously made us aware that the Beaufort County Airport Overlay District standards were not brought forward into the Beaufort Code. These were added to the April 25 version. This occurred after the formal Recommendation, but was based on a previous recommendation. The language added was coordinated with Beaufort County.
      • 10.5.1 - MPC recommends that the definition of administrator be defined to name the Planning Director; use verbiage from existing UDO.
  • View a list of ALL MPC Recommendations discussed during the 8 work sessions that occurred during March and April. This list is based on the unresolved public comments list.

*reviewer notes: highlighted text indicates a change or addition based on the MPC recommendations; red striken-through text indicates text that was removed based on the MPC recommendations; blue highlight indicates a change or addition after the MPC formal recommendation (only one in 1.3.3.B.1); [bracketed italic text] indicates references to the existing UDO - these will be removed in the final version.

Download the April 24, 2017 Zoning Map Draft (Regulating Plan)

Public Comments -

View  list of Public  Comments updated on February 27, 2017 along with how those comments were addressed in the most recent Code Update.

Previous Public Comments -

Previous Versions of Code Documents

  • Download the MPC Recommendations Code Draft - April 24, 2017 Code Draft  - this was updated with 4 updates as listed above. These were incorporated into the April 25, 2017 Draft.
  • January 26, 2017 
    • View Previous Draft - January 26, 2017 - Download
    • View Previous Regulating Plan - January 26, 2017 -Download

  • May 9 Draft
    • View Previous Draft - May 9, 2016 - Download
    • View Previous Regulating Plan - May 9, 2016 - Download
  • April 7 Draft:
  • View Previous Draft - March 1, 2016 - Download

View Previous Regulating Plan - March 1, 2016 - Download | This is the Draft Zoning Map associated with the new code. It will be updated or annotated often.

  • Zoning District Conversion Chart Summary Sheet - View  and Download- this is an interactive chart that depicts the possible conversions from the current zoning districts to the proposed zoning districts
  • Individual conversion sheets - find the sheet that applies to your property(ies) - View all Properties or Select property by current zone. Note that these are summaries. For complete information about each zoning district, view the current draft of the Beaufort Code.

Technical Review Committee Comments - View a list of all Committee Comments - the committee has reviewed the document text and issued over 200 comments which can be found in the spreadsheet. Also included is how each comment has been addressed in the March 1, 2016 Code update.

More Information & Resources for Review

  • Overview of Code Changes - Download
  • Transect Districts Visual Reference Guide - Download
  • Summary Sheets by Article - Coming Soon for January Code Draft
  • Special Interest Summary Sheets - find out how the code pertains to specific focuses within the City
    • Historic District - Coming Soon for January Code Draft