l Department Vehicles - City of Beaufort, South Carolina

Department Vehicles

Our Fleet

The Beaufort City Police Department has a fleet of over sixty vehicles. These include automobiles, trucks, bicycles, utility trailers, two humvees, and a boat. Various makes and models such as Ford, Dodge and Chevy are in use. Most of these vehicles are "Police Package" vehicles. This package includes heavy-duty equipment such as brakes, suspension, cooling, electrical and drive train.

 Dodge Charger Patrol Vehicle

  Ford Crown Victoria Patrol Vehicle

Disaster Recovery vehicle

Marine Patrol 23 Ft.Key West Boat

The Beaufort City Police Department participates in a take-home car program. This program has proven to be an asset for citizens as well as officers. Assigned cars have lower maintenance costs, which bring a higher resale value after the car is taken out of service. Officer assigned cars give the city a higher visibility of Police presence. Officers are responsible for the cleaning of the cars and scheduling of maintenance. Maintenance is handled through First Vehicle Services located on Old Shanklin Road.