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Permit Requirements for Projects in the City

New Construction/Major Renovations and Additions

Examples of Work: all projects over $50,000 such as new residential or commercial buildings, accessory dwelling units, significant upfits, major renovations - typically these projects require 5 or more subcontractors

Applicable Forms: *Project Permit Application Packet for jobs >$50,000 (contains application, checklist, large subcontractors list, license permission sheet & statement of understanding by prime contractor) | CO/COC Checklist (Res) and CO/COC Checklist (Comm) |  Silt Fence & Tree Protection Requirements - see Building Codes page

New Construction of Smaller Structures & Smaller Interior/Exterior Renovations or Additions

Examples of Work: residential sheds >200SF, commercial sheds >120 SF, new awnings, interior/exterior renovations that include structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, window/door replacement (must comply with current hurricane, zoning requirements - submit photos of existing windows & specs on new windows) or opening modification, new walls, reroof

Applicable Forms: *Project Permit Application Packet for jobs <$50,000 and <5 subcontractors (contains application form and small subcontractors list)

Minor Projects

Examples of Work: residential sheds <200SF, commercial sheds <120 SF, fences, exterior painting, rot repair, partial or full demolition, banner, awning recover, moving a structure, Temporary Use Permit (special event, food truck, farmers market, circus, weekend flea market), site work that increases impervious surface or changes grading.  Projects not requiring any inspections.

Applicable Forms: *Minor Project Permit | Demolition Packet


Examples of Work: permanent signage such as freestanding signs, wall signs, and directional signs

Applicable Forms: *Sign Permit Application

Interior Cosmetic Projects & Residential Landscaping

Examples of Work: interior painting, new cabinetry (no plumbing involved), residential flooring, wall paper, finish work

Applicable Forms: None- no permit is required for this type of work. However it is the owner or contractor's responsibility to verify with the Building Codes department that the project is exempt from needing a permit.

* indicates that the forms are required for all projects; the other forms listed may be required on a project-specific basis

Additional/Individual City Project-Related Forms

Outside Agency Information

Other Relevant City Departments

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