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Latest Updates

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August 2017

  • 8-11-17   Map - Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions August 11th - 18th
  • 8-4-17     Map - Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions August 3rd - 11th

July 2017

  • 7-27-17      Map - Boundary Street Map July 27th - Aug 4th
  • 7-21-17      Map - Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions July 21st - 28th
  • 7-13-17      Map - Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions July 13th - 21st
  • 7-13-17      Beaufort Boundary St lane restriction to start SATURDAY night - July 15th
  • 7-10-17      Boundary Street lane restriction Friday, Sunday

June 2017

May 2017

  • 5-18-17      Map - Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions May 18th - 26th
  • 5-11-17      Map - Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions May 11th - 19th
  • 5-4-17        Map - Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions May 4th - 12th

April 2017

  • 4-27-17       Map - Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions April 27th - May 5th
  • 4-24-17       We are taking advantage of an opportunity, weather permitting, to advance some asphalt work on Boundary Street and SC 170 North and Southbound.
  • Tonight, Monday night, from 8pm to 6am, asphalt work will be done between Greenlawn Street and Firehouse Subs. This will necessitate closing off some, but not all driveways.  Not all driveways will be shut down simultaneously in order to allow traffic to pass through the area.
  • On Tuesday night, both the inbound and outbound lanes of Queen Street will be closed for asphalt work.  This is involved because Queen Street, inbound and outbound require multiple layers of asphalt.  This means that access will be closed to Queen inbound and outbound from Tuesday night to Wednesday night, although crews will work to open this access as quickly as possible. 
  • From Wednesday night to Friday night, major asphalt work will be done on both the North and South side of the SC 170 connector road.  This will require restricting access to those businesses  on the South side 170 connector road from significant periods of time from Wednesday night to Friday night. 
  • 4-20-17        Map - Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions April 20th - 28th
  • 4-13-17        Map - Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions April 13th - 21st
  • 4-12-17        Drivers urged to use caution on Boundary Street as driveway work continues
  • 4-10-17        Today, BJWSA, notified the City of Beaufort that there would be a necessary water outage on April 12th beginning at 10pm and ending on April 13th at 2am.  A total of 76 customers, located principally in the K-Mart shopping Center and Carolina Cove, will be affected by this water outage.  This outage is being done to relocate critical water supply and distribution services.

               BJWSA is in the process of notifying those customers affected by outage. 

               For immediate questions, please contact Pamela Flasch at PamelaF@bjwsa,org.

  • 4-6-17       Map - Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions Apr 7th - 14th
  • 4-5-17          Boundary Street boardwalks get steel cable railing

March 2017

  • 3-30-17         Map - Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions March 31st - Apr 7th
  • 3-23-17         Map - Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions March 23rd - 31st
  • 3-16-17         Map - Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions - March 16-24th 
  • 3-9-17           Boundary Street Contractor - 2 weeks look ahead
  • 3-9-17           Boundary Street Construction Update
  • 3-9-17           Map - Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions - March 9-16th

February 2017

  • 2-16-17         Beaufort's First Street re-opens at Boundary Street
  • Paved First Street
  • 2-10-17        Water shutdown Monday night for Boundary Street waterline work
  • 2-9-17          Boundary Street Contractor - 2 weeks look ahead
  • 2-9-17          First Progress meeting minutes
  • 2-9-17          Robert Smalls Parkway lane closure starts Friday near Boundary Street
  • 2-2-17          Boundary St & Robert Smalls Parkway intersection detour Friday night

January 2017

  • 1-5-17       Boundary Street Construction Update

December 2016

  • 12-15-16    Boundary Street Construction Update
  • 12-1-16      Boundary Street Contractor - 2 weeks look ahead
  • 12-1-16      First Progress meeting minutes

November 2016

  • 11-10-16      Boundary Street Contractor - 2 weeks look ahead
  • 11-10-16     First Progress meeting minutes

October 2016

  • 10-20-16     Construction Updates
  • 10-17-16     Beaufort's Boundary Street lane shift starts Monday after storm delays

September 2016

  • 9-29-16       Boundary Street lane shift starts Monday Oct. 3
  • 9-26-16      Weather delays Boundary Street lane shift one week
  • 9-19-16      Boundary Street lane shifts start Sept. 26 for utility work

         PHOTO:  Boundary St. near Robert Smalls, before and after.

  • 9-15-16      First Progress meeting minutes
  • 9-15-16      Contractor 2 weeks look ahead
  • 9-8-16        Construction Updates
  • 9-8-16        Contractor 2 weeks look ahead
  • 9-6-16       Water line work to shift traffic late Wednesday night on SC170 - Boundary Street

August 2016

  • 8-30-16     Construction Updates
  • 8-30-16     Contractor 2 Weeks look ahead
  • 8-9-16        Relocating Overhead Utilities
  • 8-7-16        New Beaufort Boundary Street intersection opens
  • 8-5-16        Beaufort Boundary Street intersection to open at SC 170

July 2016

  • 7-31-16       Night lane closure for paving Boundary St/Robert Smalls Pkwy intersection
  • 7-31-16       Detour ends early at Beaufort's Boundary Street
  • 7-25-16       Boundary Street detour starts Friday 8 p.m.
  • Boundary St. detour map
  • 7-18-16       Limited night lane closures for Beaufort's Boundary Street
  • 7-12-16       Hogarth and Polk street detour starts Thursday night for water line

June 2016

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  • 6-21-16    Boundary Street detour this weekend
  • map

May 2016

  • 5-6-16     Parts of Beaufort's First Street closed for utility, roadwork starting Monday
  • 5/5/16     Rumors & Facts - Boundary Street Project

April 2016

  • 4-27-16     :30-second video featuring the Boundary St Project
  •  4-20-16    On Wednesday, April 24th a steel plate installed by BJWSA on Boundary Street shifted and required emergency repair in the morning. A lane was closed to enable the repair. The steel plate was covering an open hole in the roadway from recent waterline work on at Greenlawn Street.  Prior to the steel plate shifting, the plan had been to patch that area and others affected by Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority‚Äôs recent work all at the same time. The emergency shift by the steel plate required immediate attention. The unplanned lane closure on Boundary Street was in place from 8:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. Wednesday.
  • 4-1-16         Water shutoff for portion of Boundary Street project in Beaufort

March 2106

  • 3-16-16      Lane shift on Boundary Street Thursday morning
  • 3-11-16      Boundary Street lane shifts, closings start Saturday
  • 3-3-16        Boundary Street information sessions moved to last Thursday every month
  • 3-1-16        Beaufort strives to save live oak at Boundary Street project
  • pruned oak tree

February 2016 

  • 2-19-16      One lane of Boundary Street to close Sunday
  • 2-15-16      Boundary Street speed limit drops, speeding fines increase

January 26, 2016

Construction of the Boundary Street improvements began January 4th.  Please drive safely through the construction zone.  Early work includes the demolition of the former Butler car center at the intersection of SC170 and Boundary Street as well as marking of utilities.

Beaufort-Jasper Water Sewer Authority (BJWSA) will begin its initial water line work the first week of February and will require a temporary shutoff of water to certain locations.  BJWSA is working with those locations to minimize the inconvenience.

A few key points to remember:

  • Lanes vane be closed only at night, between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. Monday through Friday
  • On Sundays, lanes can be closed any time between 1 p.m. and 6 a.m. Monday
  • During daytime work, lanes may be shifted but four lanes of traffic will be open
  • First stages of the project will focus on creating a "duct bank" underground where the overhead utility lines will be moved

October 29, 2014

Here is a simplified view of the  four-lane improvements and traffic signals for the affected section of Boundary Street. 

Click here to download the illustration.