l Parks - City of Beaufort, South Carolina


This Division is responsible for the City's many beautiful parks. Parks staff maintain all City parks, as well as provide planting services and horticulture services for public spaces.

The City's most prominent park is the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park

This park is located in downtown Beaufort along the waters of the Beaufort River. The multi-acre park provides a breathtaking view of the Beaufort River, the Woods Memorial Bridge, the western tip of Lady's Island, the eastern side of Port Royal Island and the northern tip of Parris Island. Shade trees swaying in the sea breeze provide a relaxing atmosphere. Other amenities include a variety of flowers, shrubs and plants, a stage for performances, a pavilion for displays, and a grassed amphitheater for picnicking, frisbee or simple relaxing. Once of the most popular features are the riverside swings, providing a simple opportunity to enjoy gentle sea breezes as a variety of water activities (fishing, boating, etc.) contribute to the relaxing atmosphere.

If you are interested in having an event at the Waterfront Park, please click on the links below:

The City also has several other parks.

If you would like to have any events at the parks below, please call Julie Bachety at 843-525-7011.

Below, please see the parks listing as well as their locations:
  • Battery Saxton Park (Boundary Street, next to Wendy's)
  • Calhoun Thomas Park (Ribaut Road, next to bowling alley)                                                  
                                                                     The Point
  • Christensen Park (Pigeon Point Road and Albert Street)
  • Cuthbert Park
  • Dowling Park (Battery Creek Rd and First Blvd)
  • Freedom Park (Bay Street and the Waterfront Park entrance)
  • Horse Trough Park (Bay Street and Bladen Street)
  • Knott Park (King Street and East Street, in The Point)
  • Harvey Park (King Street and East Street, in The Point)
  • Logan Park (Bay Street and North Street)
  • Lovejoy Park (Boundary Street and Lovejoy Street)
  • Morrall Park (Craven Street and Carteret Street)            
  • Pigeon Point Park (Pigeon Point Road)
  • Pinckney Park (Pigeon Point Road, near boat ramp)
  • Secessions Park (Bay Street and Church Street)
  • Southside Park (Southside Boulevard)
  • Southside "Dog" Park (2614 Southside Blvd)
  • Stephen Elliott Park (Bay Street and Carteret Street)
  • Washington Street Park (Washington Street and Newcastle Street)
  • Wilson Park (Ribaut Rd, across from Hermitage Road)


If you would like to contact the Parks Department, please call (843) 470-3513 or email Robbie Anderson.

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16 Burton Hill Road                               1911 Boundary Street
Beaufort, SC  29906                              Beaufort, SC  29902