l Public Education - City of Beaufort, South Carolina

Public Education

The City of Beaufort Fire Department believes the best way to provide fire protection for our citizens is through fire prevention. The Beaufort Fire Department has a very aggressive fire safety education program which is available to both businesses and families alike. Below is a list of the educational programs we offer:


Our "Family Safety Education House" has never made learning safety so much fun. The interactive house allows students to take an active participation in their education. This house is available to groups, businesses and families.




The "Friendly Firefighter" is a program we use to introduce children, and adults, to our firefighters, as well as to the equipment we use when we are working. We use this program to reduce the anxiety children may feel when seeing us for the first time in our gear.





Bright red fire trucks are always intriguing and are an attraction for everyone. Our department has an open door policy and we welcome our citizens to stop by at anytime. However, due to training and response requirements, it is best to call ahead of time at 525-7055 to ensure the firefighters are available. 





Beaufort firefighters are very active with our schools! Every Friday the local fire station will go to the neighborhood school to have lunch with the children. It is a learning experience for the firefighters as well as the children and fun for all!





When not having lunch with school children, we make regular appearances in the classroom to teach and preach fire safety. The Beaufort Fire Department enjoys a great working relationship with our school system.




Occasionally we conduct "wet downs" for local groups and organizations where firefighters from the local station use their hoses to "wet down" the patrons. This activity is done on a case by case basis.

Elementary schools are not the only educational institution firefighters make an appearance at. Firefighters routinely give presentations at local colleges as well.



We also provide safety training for businesses as well. Everything from fire extinguisher training to emergency planning, including CPR and first aid training. Whatever your needs are, we can help!