Request for Proposals (RFP / Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

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     • RFP 2014-104: Architectural Design Services

   ♦ Appendix "A" Documents:

      • CAD Drawings 1st Floor.  Click here.      
      • CAD Drawings 2nd Floor.  Click here.      
      • Conceptual 2nd Floor Lease Plan.  Click here

    •  RFP 2014-103: Pervious Parking Construction (Basil Green)

   ♦ Appendix "A" Documents:

       • Technical Specs (Exhibit A).  Click here.       
       • Bid Schedule (Exhibit B).  Click here.       
       • Site Development Plans (Exhibit C).  Click here.

     • Main Street Beaufort RFP.  This is an RFP from Main Street Beaufort and responses to this RFP must
       be sent to Main Street Beaufort as instructed in the RFP.  

    •  RFP NO. 2014-102: Downtown Lighting Replacement (CLOSED)

           ♦ Addendum #1.  Click here.
           ♦ Appendix "A" Documents:

               • Technical Specs.  Click here.
               • Schedule of Bid Prices.  Click here.               
               • Site Development Plans.  Click here.

           ♦ Questions and Answers 1.  Click here.            
           ♦ Questions and Answers 2.  Click here.

    •  Request for Price Quotes for Building Demolition.  Click here.  (CLOSED)

    •  RFP NO. 2014-101: Dock Repair Services (Replacement of the Dock Connection Hardware Only)

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   ♦ Sign-in Sheet for Mandatory Meeting.  Click here.