l Reserve Program - City of Beaufort, South Carolina

Reserve Program

Reserve officers are commissioned by the Chief of Police and given the oath of office. Reserve Officers are  volunteers who have an interest in law enforcement but, have careers in other fields. Reserve Officers must attend State-mandated training equivalent to a full-time Police Officer. Once a Reserve Officer completes the required training, they must successfully complete a thorough background investigation and a Field Training Program before they can assume the responsibilities of the position. While on duty they have the full authority of a police officer. 

According to South Carolina Code of Law, Section 23-28-30, no reserve shall assume any police function until he/she has successfully completed a course of training and passed a comprehensive test prepared by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

Currently the Beaufort City Police Department has 1 Reserve Officer.

If you are interested in becoming a Reserve Police Officer, please contact Lt Doug Kadas at 843-322-7909.