l Sanitation - City of Beaufort, South Carolina


The City of Beaufort contracts with Waste Pro to pick up sanitation, recycling and yard debris.

Please click on this link to see the trash collection route map.


Household garbage pick-up:

All household garbage to be collected by Waste Pro personnel must be placed in disposable plastic garbage bags or some other disposable container and placed in the roll cart provided by the City. The roll cart is to be placed inside the curb, outside the drainage ditch line of the street, near the front line of your premises, no earlier than 5:30 am and no later than 7:00 am on your designated day of pick-up.

The Roll Cart must be removed no later than 7:30 pm on your collection day.

No containers of any shape, size or form other than the roll carts provided by the City of Beaufort will be emptied and returned to the curb. Roll carts, garbage bags or other disposable containers may not be placed on the curb or ditch line at night or weekends.

Garbage cans of any shape and size other than roll carts provided by the City are not permitted on the curb at any time. Racks designated to hold garbage receptacles shall not be permitted on the curb at any time.


Compost / Yard Debris:

Leaves and branch pickup is the same day as your garbage pick up.  These items must be put in plastic bags of less than 50 lbs. and 4 feet in length or tied in bundles also 50 lbs. and 4 feet in length per bundle.  Building rubbish must be removed and disposed by the contractor.


Bulk Items, Furniture, and Appliances:

Bulk items such as furniture and “white goods” (appliances, hot water heaters, etc...) which cannot be containerized or bundled are on a picked up ON A CALL BASIS ONLY. Please call Waste Pro to schedule these pickups at (843) 645-4100.


 You can contact Waste Pro by calling 843-645-4100 or by clicking the appropriate item below:

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