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Short Term Rentals


Short-Term Rentals in the City of Beaufort


Short-Term Rentals are defined in Beaufort Development Code as rental of a dwelling unit for a period less than 30 days. Click here for a copy of the City’s short-term rental ordinance.

Short term rentals are permitted as conditional uses in all neighborhoods and zoning districts in the City except for The Point neighborhood.  Click here here to view the Map of City Neighborhoods.

Some neighborhoods include areas zoned for mixed uses and areas zoned primarily for residential uses. Mixed use zones are the T4-N, T5-UC, T5- DC, and IC Districts. Residential zones are the T3-S, T3-N, and T4-HN Districts. In areas zoned T3-S, T3-N, and T4-HN, the number of short term rentals where the property owner does not live on the premises, are capped at 6% of the residentially-zoned lots in the neighborhood. To verify the zoning of the property to see if it may be subject to the 6% short term rental cap, click here to view the City’s zoning map. You can also determine the zoning of a property on the Beaufort County GIS site available at this link: http://webgis.bcgov.net/gissite/index.html or by calling the Planning Department Office at (843) 525-7011. Currently, the only area that has reached the 6% cap is The Bluff neighborhood.

Click here for a summary sheet that outlines the short-term rental approval process.

Before an application is submitted for a short-term rental, the applicant should attend a Pre-Application Conference where the process for approving and managing short term rentals is reviewed. Click here for a copy of the Pre-Application Conference application.

Click here for a copy of the Short-Term Rental Application. A Management List Form should be submitted with the application. Click here for a copy of the form.

A Short-Term Rental Inspection is required. Click here for a copy of the inspection checklist.

A business license is required to operate and manage a short-term rental. Click here for a summary of the business license requirements.

If you have questions regarding the City of Beaufort’s short-term rental program, please contact Libby Anderson, Planning Director, at (843) 525-7012 or landerson@cityofbeaufort.org