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Short Term Rentals

Short-Term Rental Process & Links

Short-Term Rental Ordinance

Short-Term Rental Process - Information Sheet

  1. Go to the Pre-Application Conference - Application
  2. Complete the Short-Term Rental Conditional Use Application* and Management List Form
  3. Schedule a STR Safety Inspection by calling 843-525-7041 - this may be done once the STR Conditional Use Application has been approved
  4. Obtain a City of Beaufort Business License - Requirements

* If you have an active STR prior to getting approval, use the Short Term Rental - Post Facto application form

Quick Facts:

What is a Short-Term Rental?

Short-Term Rentals (STR) are defined in Beaufort Development Code as rental of a dwelling unit for a period of less than thirty (30) days.  

What neighborhoods qualify?

STRs are permitted as conditional uses in all neighborhoods except for The Point neighborhood.  STRs, where allowed, are permitted as conditional uses approved by staff. Up to 6% of properties with a residential zoning (T3-S, T3-N or T4-HN) may be used as short-term rentals in each neighborhood. Properties with a mixed-use zoning (T4-N, T5-UC, T5-DC) and properties where only an accessory structure is used as the STR, do not count towards the 6% cap.

What neighborhood am I in?

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How many short-term rental units are in the city?

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What neighborhoods are nearing their 6% cap?

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