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Tourism Development Advisory Committee (TDAC)

Accepting Applications for Tourism Development Advisory Committee (TDAC) 

Posted by Katherine Cruz 06/15/2018

We are accepting applications for the Tourism Development Advisory Board Committee. This vacant position requires someone be specifically from the Hospitality industry. 

If you are interested, please click here for the application.

Should you have additional questions, you may contact Ivette Burgess, City Clerk at (843) 525-7018


TDAC is an advisory Committee appointed by City Council to consolidate and recommend expenditures of the State Accommodations Funds. Members appointed serve a 3 year term. 

TDAC meets once a year to hear and discuss applicant presentations.  This process typically starts in August with applications made available at that time. 


TDAC Members

Vimal Desai, Chairman

Jonathan Sullivan

Jane Sidewell

Jeff Evans

Erica Dickerson

Jason Frazier

Ron Callari


For more information on TDAC contact Paul McGee, Accountant at (84) 525-7071 or pmcgee@cityofbeaufort.org.