l Zoning Map & Ordinance - City of Beaufort, South Carolina

Zoning Ordinances

The Beaufort Code - Adopted June 27, 2017 | Amended September 26, 2017

The online Beaufort Code PDF will be kept up-to-date as amendments are adopted by City Council. All amendments listed in the table below have been incorporated to the online version of the code found at the link above. This is the best place to find the most recent version of the Code.

Beaufort Code - Amendment Log    
Section # Topic Date Adopted
2.7.4 Air Installation Compatibility Use Zone (AICUZ) Overlay District Standards      7/25/2017
3.6.2.C.2.a Short Term Rentals - neighborhood cap changed to 6% 9/26/2017





The 6 month Beaufort Code update is underway.

City Council will be hearing the updates at First Reading on Tuesday, June 26. Second Reading is scheduled for Tuesday, July 10.

Zoning Map

This map is accurate as of June 27, 2017. It will be updated quarterly. An interactive version of this map is also available via Beaufort County GIS by clicking here. To see the City of Beaufort zoning designations, click on the World icon at the top, and scroll down to the bottom of that pop-up window. Click the check box next to "City of Beaufort" Data. To turn on the overlay district layers and see the map key, click the plus sign to the left of the title and it will expand the menu to show all the layer options. If you have any questions, please contact the Planning Department at 843-525-7011.


Legacy Planned Unit Developments

Airport Junction PUD (2003)

Extension of
Airport Junction

Broad Street PUD

Cane Island Retreat PUD (2003)

Airport Junction et al
and Development Agreements
(Adopted 8-2011)

Airport Junction (2) et al
and Development Agreements
(Adopted 8-2011)

Airport Junction et al
and Development Agreements

(Adopted 8-2011)

Marsh Gardens PUD

Marsh Gardens PUD
Revision 2-8-11

Marsh Gardens PUD
Revision 12-9-14

Overlook at Battery Creek PUD

Pecan Point Plantation PUD

Clarendon Farms PUD

 Eustis Plantation PUD (2000)

Pickle Factory PUD

Battery Point PUD

 Lady's Island Marina Village PUD (2006)

Hanover Park PUD (2003)

Distant Island PUD (2000)

Upper Cane Island PUD (2003)