Building Permits

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Permit requirements

*indicates that the forms are required for all projects; the other forms listed may be required on a project-specific basis


Fee Schedule for building and permitting-related fees

  1. Heather Stephenson

    Permit Technician
    Phone: 843-525-7049

  1. Building Projects >$50,000
  2. Building Projects <$50,000
  3. Minor Projects
  4. Cosmetic / Landscaping
  5. Signs


This includes all projects costing more than $50,000 (typically these projects require 5 or more subcontractors) such as:

  • Accessory dwelling units
  • Major renovations
  • New residential or commercial buildings
  • Significant upfits


Site work only

  1. City Project-Related Forms
  2. outside agency information
  3. Relevant City Departments

Additional / Individual City Project-Related Forms

Other Relevant City Departments

Business License

Find the following forms and more on the Business License page:

  • Accommodations Tax Forms
  • Business License Applications
  • Hospitality Tax forms
  • Personal Property Tax Forms
  • Temporary Pay Per Job License forms


Find application forms for subdivisions, lot line adjustments, and other Planning-related functions, along with forms for the following boards and meetings on the Planning Department page:

  • Design Review Board
  • Historic Review Board
  • Park and Tree Advisory Committee
  • Pre-Application Meeting
  • Zoning Board of Appeals