Street Division

The City of Beaufort's Street Division maintains the sidewalks, right-of-way, easements, and other publicly-owned open spaces. Most streets in Beaufort, though, are owned and maintained by the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT).

Report a Pothole

If you see potholes in the street or see streets that need major repair, you may contact SCDOT at 843-524-7255.

Report Overgrown Shrubs, Trees, etc...

If you notice shrubs overgrowing sidewalks or tree roots breaking up the roadway or sidewalks, please call us at 843-525-7054.

Recent Construction & Updates

As a part of its desire to keep its citizens safe, the City has recently installed approximately 20,000 linear feet of sidewalk and is currently studying the use of greenways and bike paths as a safer alternative. Our efforts are part of the community's effort to expand the Spanish Moss Trail from Port Royal through the City of Beaufort and eventually to near the Whale Branch River.

In addition, these greenways will serve as more aesthetically pleasing pedestrian/biker thoroughfares. This department is mainly responsible for the maintaining of the appearance of our neighborhood streets and our busy thoroughfares.

Photo Gallery

View a photo gallery from the Streets Division.