Yard Debris Burning Procedures

Citizens may request a burn permit, or renew their previous year's burn permit, by calling the City of Beaufort Fire Department's Administration Division at 843-525-7055.


To request a permit, the requester must own the property on which the burning will be conducted, or have a notarized letter from the property owner granting permission to burn on the property.

The permit holder must call the burn request line at 843-525-7032 on each day of the burn cycle in which burning will be conducted or that permit to be valid.

First-time permit requests

First-time permit holder must have their property and burn area inspected by a fire official prior to the permit being issued. For the permit to be issued, the burn area must:

  • Be located at a minimum of 50 feet from any combustible structure or vegetation if the burning will be done in an open circle, or 15 feet from the same if the burning will be conducted in an approved container (i.e., metal drum).
  • The burn area shall not be within 50 feet of a property line
  • The burn pile shall be no more than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height
  • Only one burn pile is allowed to burn at one time
  • A continuous water source must be connected and able to reach the burn area
  • No vegetation above the burn area