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Mossy Oaks Stormwater Project Updates

Posted on: October 2, 2020

Mossy Oaks update Sept. 29-Oct. 9

Oct. 2, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Please see the two attachments that detail work in the following two weeks in Basin I (vicinity of the Duck Pond) and Basin II (vicinity of Southside Park). 

Basin I (vicinity of Duck Pond)

The project enjoyed three days of great weather following some significant rainfall. Looking ahead to next week, the weather will be ideal and support our construction efforts. This past week two new pipes structures were installed. One drainage system was installed and finished in the vicinity of Jane Way and North Royal Oaks and one system was completed on West Royal Oaks. These new drainage systems are set at the correct elevation which will more efficiently move water away from historically flooded areas. 

Work on the Spanish Moss Trail has been steady but slow as steel sheet piles are driven deep into the earth. At present the project is well over 50% complete with about 550 feet left to go. Driving these piles is extremely technical work that requires precision, which is why there is daily engagement with technicians, engineers, geologists and experienced project managers. These 20-30-foot steel sheets are reinforcing the trail while preventing water seepage from the creek to the residential areas. Next week, we hope to finish the remainder of the pile driving. 

BJWSA and Dominion Energy have completed the vast majority of their relocations. Both BJWSA and Dominion Energy tailored their processes specifically to address the pressing needs of the project and ultimately the residents. We are deeply grateful to BJWSA and Dominion Energy for being responsive to the needs of the project.

Next week will be busy with even more drainpipes being installed along Jane Way. The drainage ditch from North Royal Oaks leading past Battery Creek Road, Coates Lane to West Royal Oaks will be cleaned of debris, accumulated silt and graded to the proper elevation. Any trees in the drainage ditch from North Royal Oaks to West Royal Oaks that interfere with the drainage or present a hazard will be removed. We will only remove what is absolutely necessary in keeping with our philosophy that every tree that can be saved will be saved.

This ditch work is critically important to ensure that stormwater flows logically from the place where it collects to the river and away from endangered homes.

Looking ahead and working with our partners at SCDOT and BJWSA, the project will soon install new and improved drainage from the Jane Way Canal to the Duck Pond across First Boulevard. First Boulevard will be shut down for about 5 days while major water and sewer line are relocated to accommodate new and improved drainage pipes.  This will improve the drainage from the Middle School to the Duck Pond. On a separate note, BJWSA is still on track to replace the sewage line in the vicinity of 815 Battery Creek Road on or about Oct. 19.   

Basin 1_Sept 29_Oct9

Basin II (vicinity of Southside Park)

In Basin II (vicinity of Southside Park and the BJWSA pump station) work across the Battery Creek Road is progressing quite nicely with fully functioning and properly elevated drainage pipes. As of today, the road is being prepared for paving. We expect Battery Creek Road to be reopened to traffic on or before Columbus Day,  Oct. 12. These pipes and newly engineered road represent a big improvement to the overall drainage system in the vicinity of Southside Park.

During the next week, paving will be completed followed by an in-house and SCDOT inspection. Once the inspections are completed, the road will be reopened. 

Following the completion of Battery Creek Road, the entire work crew will be moving to the drainage ditch on Lawton Farm Road to install 60-inch pipes. This will be a time-consuming and tedious effort so we can expect a tremendous amount of heavy machinery and workers transiting the area. At present, we are getting input from those who live on either side of the ditch with regard to landscaping and maintenance.        

Basin 2_Sept29-Oct9


We have been blessed so far that there have not been any accidents throughout the project area … and we all need to remain completely aware of our surroundings in order to maintain a safe environment for residents, workers, motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.lThe BCSO and the BPD continue to patrol the area and we all appreciate our law enforcement partners for contributing to maintaining a safe environment. 

As Battery Creek Road opens up in the vicinity of Southside Park and the BJWSA pump station, we can expect Battery Creek Road in the vicinity of the Duck Pond to close in the near future to accommodate improved drainage from the pond to the Spanish Moss Trail. There will be detours and subsequent delays. Please allot extra time when using Battery Creek Road. In short, please continue to exercise extreme caution.  I, the work crews, and their families thank you in advance for maintaining a very safe environment for all of us.  

Stay informed

Finally, please encourage all those affected or interested in the Mossy Oaks Project to register with the “Notify Me” application found on the City of Beaufort website ( and subscribe to the Mossy Oaks Stormwater Project updates. This is the mechanism to receive near real-time updates on the project to include urgent issues like unscheduled road closures or utility interruptions.   

As noted on numerous occasions, the project fully appreciates the disruptive nature of this improvement project and we are very thankful for the residents who have been more than patient.

I’m very pleased to report that at this point, the project remains on track for an on time and on budget delivery in the December-January timeframe.

As many of you know, I respond to calls, texts, and emails 7 days a week. If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding the project, please do not hesitate to contact me so we may address your issue as rapidly as possible. Please know that no issue is too large or too small. We have made a tremendous amount of progress and while we still have about two months of hard work ahead of us, rest assured, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a great week and enjoy the beautiful weather

Neal Pugliese, Col USMC (Ret)
Mossy Oaks Multijurisdictional Drainage Task Force



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