What is the ATAX?

South Carolina in the 1980s established a two percent tax on overnight accommodations in addition to the statewide sales tax. State laws stipulates how those monies are to be allocated. 

A small portion of the Accommodations Tax (ATAX) money stays in the local municipality or county where it is collected. The remainder must be used to attract and provide for tourists and must be spent on tourism-related expenditures.

Local revenues from the so-called "bed-tax" are designated to fund programs that promote tourism and attract visitors.

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1. What is the ATAX?
2. Who decides how to spend the money?
3. What is the Beaufort Tourism Development Advisory Committee (TDAC)?
4. How did the TDAC decide who to recommend funding for the Fiscal Year 2015?
5. What is the Beaufort City Council's role in this?
6. Who is recommended to receive money in this fiscal year?