Who pays the impact fees?

Developers and builders of new residential property development pay for library, parks, and road impact fees. Developers of new commercial property pay only the road impact fee. 

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1. What are development impact fees?
2. Why are impact fees assessed?
3. What is the amount assessed on a new home?
4. Who pays the impact fees?
5. I have owned my home in Beaufort for 10 years. Do impact fees affect me?
6. If I buy a newly built home in Beaufort, will the impact fee affect the cost of that home?
7. If I am building a new home for myself, will I have to pay an impact fee?
8. If I buy an existing home in Beaufort, will the impact fees affect the cost of my home?
9. What are examples of some of the projects that will be funded through impact fees?
10. Are impact fees assessed throughout Beaufort County?