As a homeowner can I be my own contractor and do I need a building permit?

When a Permit is Required

Many homeowners are not aware when a permit is required. Whenever a homeowner undertakes either renovations or additions to a dwelling or is installing or replacing a heating appliance or water heater or installing an electrical fixture or fixtures or outlets, they must first obtain a permit for the work (after completing a Disclosure Statement and having it recorded at the Register of Deed's office). A phone call to the Building Codes office should be made prior to the work commencing so that we may provide you with the proper applications and/or information.

Function of Permits

The reason for the permits is a simple one. It is to ensure adequate maintenance of buildings and to adequately protect the health, safety, and welfare of the people and to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations. The codes are ever changing and sometimes a homeowner may not be aware of these changes. We ensure that the work is performed properly and in a workmanship type manner.

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