Vendor Registration

Vendor registry system

Vendors and consultants that would like to be considered for general City projects and purchases are recommended to register through our vendor registration system, powered by Vendor Registry. Registering also allows businesses to identify the type of goods and services they provide so that they may receive email notifications regarding relevant solicitations out for bid.


While every effort is made to ensure that registered vendors receive email notifications of solicitations when posted to the website, the City cannot guarantee receipt of these notifications. Additionally, vendors will not receive automatic email notification when an addendum is posted. Vendors are responsible for checking the website for posted addenda and must respond to all additions and alterations specified. Vendor registration can be completed online.

The system allows you to quickly register and update details such as what products and services you provide as well as your contact information. This will enable us to notify you of important bid opportunities in the future.

Additional information

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please call Vendor Registry at 844-802-9202.

Register as a City of Beaufort Vendor.


Many contract types are required by the Purchasing Manual to be competitively bid out, and there are regulations in place for selecting vendors. Additionally, all contracts with vendors must go through the proper approval process prior to the City Manager executing a contract.

Notice to vendor(s)

Being added to this list does not represent a contract, either express or implied, between the City of Beaufort and any vendor(s). There is no guarantee, promise, or preferential considerations made by the City of Beaufort that any vendor added to this list will be selected for contracts, products, or work. The City of Beaufort reserves all rights to select vendors and consultants without regard to being placed on this list.