Strategic Plan 2023-2025

A letter from the City Manager

StrategicPlan-COVER-2023The City of Beaufort 2023-2025 Strategic Plan (right) is an important document for several reasons. First, it reflects the collective will of Beaufort’s City Council in how they intend to direct policy and make decisions on behalf of the residents and business owners of the City. Secondly, it identifies a work plan for City staff over the course of the next two years. Lastly, and arguably most importantly, it provides an important connection between long-term City planning documents and utilization of resources.  

Put a simpler way, the Strategic Plan helps us budget our time and money in a way that best accomplishes the traditional and emerging expectations of the City.

As a staff, we are grateful to our elected leaders on City Council for being receptive to the planning effort that resulted in the creation of this plan. Their openness to participating in the strategic planning retreat, which was a little different than what they have experienced in years past, was monumental to the success of the event. The key focus areas that were affirmed, the guiding principles that were developed, and the initiatives that were identified to comprise the work plan give staff the fidelity we need to conduct the business of the people.

I’m proud of this document and grateful to lead the team responsible for executing it.

Scott Marshall
City Manager