Emergency Calls

Dial 911 for emergencies.

Reporting Incidents, Property Checks & Other Police Assistance

If you need to speak with a Police Officer or police assistance such as reporting an incident or property check requests, please call 843-524-2777 to speak with a dispatcher.

Call 843-322-7900 during normal business hours for administrative assistance or if you do not know your contact’s extension. Please do not call this number after hours to report an incident as that line is only checked during above mentioned business hours.

Visiting the Police Department

If you have business to conduct at the Police Department, please enter the building on the Palmetto Street side of the municipal building. If your business is with the Court, please enter on the side of the municipal building that faces the corner of Boundary and Ribaut roads.


For directions to the Beaufort Police Department, please view the map.

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