Department facilities:

The Beaufort Police Department moved to its current location at 1901 Boundary St. in 2008.

2000-08: The department was located at 990 Ribaut Rd., Suite 107.

1989-2002: The department was located inside the current Beaufort County Law Enforcement Center at 2001 Duke St.

1969-89: The department was located at 705 Port Republic St. 

1955-69: The department was located at a facility at Waterfront Park.

Former chiefs of police:

1868-1873   P. Gibbs (Town Marshal)
1873-1875 J.C. Rivers (Town Marshal)
1876- Joseph Cohen (Town Marshal)
1912-1913 M, O’D White (Town Marshal)
1913-1914 F. G. Welch (Chief of Police)
1914-1915 E.B. Rodgers
1915-1919 Danny Mann
1919-1923 L.B. Simpson
1923-1928 John B. Cason
1928-1944 J.C. Scott
1944-1946 J. H. Vahn
1946-1948 Artie M. Heape
1948-1949 L. "Doc" Trammell
1949-1959 Lee Roy Rentz
1959-1962 Ralph C. Ramsey
1962-1965 Laurie M. Randall
1965-1966 Roger Carl Poston
1966-1967 Herbert F. Hubbard
1967-1972 Lee Roy Rentz
1972-1974 Herbert F. Hubbard
1974-1992 Jesse L. Altman Jr.
1992-2000 William R. Neill
2000-2008 J. P. Dowling
2008-2020 Matthew J. Clancy

Throughout the years