Short Term Rentals

Rental of a whole house, a room within a house, a carriage house or an accessory dwelling unit for less than 30 days is considered a short-term rental (STR) and must comply with the City’s Short Term Rental Ordinance, Section 3.6.2.C.2. The property owner may or may not live on the premises when using the property as a short-term rental.

6% cap

Per City of Beaufort Short Term Rental Ordinance, neighborhoods within the City’s jurisdiction (excluding The Point) are capped at 6% of residentially zoned parcels that are allowed to operate as short term rentals.

For any questions regarding the short term rental process, 6% cap on neighborhoods, or accommodation tax payments, please reach out to the Business Licensing Department -- contact information is on the right.

Step-by-step process

The following steps will assist you in successfully completing the requirements for short-term rentals:

  1. Complete the Short-Term Rental Conditional Use Application and pay $100 application fee.
  2. Provide a copy of your rental agreement, a copy of your property management plan, and a copy of your fire alarm monitoring contract.
  3. A safety inspection is required following approval of your application. A safety inspection fee of $50 is due prior to the scheduled inspection. To schedule your inspection, call 843-525-7041.
  4. Complete the City of Beaufort Business License Requirements.


  1. Justin Rose

    Business License Inspector

  2. Kelsey Medaglia

    Business License Administrator

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    1911 Boundary Street
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